The Gotlands

Gotland sheep are descendants of the Gute Sheep from the Island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Per GSBANA website (Gotland Sheep Breeder Association of North America) Legend has it that the Gotland breed, as we know it today, began with one farm in the early 1920’s. Shepherds wanted a breed of sheep with no horns and a higher quality fleece. A particular farmer saw a ram ...

Why do we raise Gotland Sheep at
Appletree Farm?

Our family started raising Gotland sheep in 2013 after our oldest son saw his first Gotlands at Black Sheep Gathering. He researched the breed and we decided that they were worth a serious inquiry. We started our flock with a 50% Gotland ewe bought on Craigslist, she turned out to be an amazing animal, giving us triplets and quads (she is now retired on our farm). We selected a breeder, learned more ...

Our Mission & Vision

At Appletree Farm, we are dedicated to producing high quality healthy Gotland lambs, ewes, and rams. We take pride in the work that goes into producing nice fleeces, pelts and tasty lamb. We spend time connecting with other breeders and shepherds as well as people who work with the wool our animals produce...

Our Family

Stephanie takes care of the day to day on the farm. From mucking stalls, to taking care of seedlings, irrigating through the summer, planting crops, organizing fleeces, spending time with the Gotlands, processing produce,  but also dropping kids off at school and making meals! She teaches French, volunteers at the...

Some of the Gotlands' attributes

  • Easy to lamb, strong mothering instincts

  • Hardy breed, easy to manage and adaptable

  • Medium sized breed, good size carcass, great tasting lamb

  • Naturally hornless and short-tailed

  • Friendly and calm making it very appealing for children and families

  • A triple purpose breed for wool, pelts and meat

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