Our Family

Stephanie takes care of the day to day on the farm. From mucking stalls, to taking care of seedlings, irrigating through the summer, planting crops, organizing fleeces, spending time with the Gotlands, processing produce,  but also dropping kids off at school and making meals! She teaches French, volunteers at the Montessori school, and spends a lot of time with friends and kids from the neighborhood.

Paul works as a veterinarian during the day most of the week. When he is on the farm he takes care of everything from building to repairs. He moves fences, shears sheep, does all the veterinarian care among other endless tasks. In the garden he is particularly attentive to the blueberries, the yearly crop of garlic, potatoes, and he always makes sure that we grow watermelons! In the shop he builds many things with our youngest son Peter.

We have three children and each of them is an integral part of this farm.

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